Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutting Machine and Sizzix Patchwork and Applique Dies

Sizzix have been the leader in die cutting for paper crafting for many years. Now that they are producing dies specifically designed for patchwork the Big Shot offers big benefits in speed and accuracy for anyone who works with fabric. At the heart of the Sizzix Die Cutting system is the Sizzix Big Shot. You place fabric between a Sizzix sandwich with your chosen die shape and two plastic pads forming the ends of the sandwich. You then roll this through the Big Shot and your fabric is cut out to the shape of the die. You can cut multiple layers of fabric at any one time. As well as patchwork blocks such as triangles, hexagons, squares and circles you can also use the Sizzix Big Shot to cut out applique shapes.

Sizzix Big Shot Machine

The Sizzix Big Shot is a compact machine at 14-1/4" x 12-3/8" x 6- 5/8" and quite portable, weighing 3.4kg (7-1/2lbs). It can be used to cut Bigz, Bigz L and Bigz XL dies so it is perfect for most patchworker’s needs. The current model of the Sizzix Big Shot is powder blue and teal in colour and replaces the now discontinued black and pink Big Shot, in 2015 this will be replaced by a white and grey version. As well as the Big Shot Sizzix also produce a die cutting machine called the Big Shot Pro. This is much larger and is really only suitable for someone who is cutting lots and lots of fabric or who needs the shapes found on some of the very largest Sizzix dies which will not fit in the Sizzix Big Shot. In 2015 Sizzix are launching the Big Shot Plus which will be very similar but will be wider so that it can take A4 sheets without cutting them first. You can try out the Sizzix Big Shot in our shop, just ask our staff for a demonstration. We also demonstrate the Sizzix Big Shot at shows that we attend.

Sizzix Big Shot Machine Powder Blue and Teal
Sizzix Big Shot Machine Powder Blue and Teal, Ref 10820
Sizzix Big Shot Machine for Patchwork & Quilting
Sizzix Big Shot Black and Pink (now discontinued)
Sizzix Big Shot Pro Machine
Sizzix Big Shot Pro Machine


We have a comprehensive range of Sizzix dies in the shop and a demonstration machine that you can try out to see how easy it is. You can browse our full range of Sizzix machines, dies and accessories in our online store.

Sizzix Patchwork Dies

Sizzix patchwork dies cut out regular geometric shapes such as triangles, squares and rectangles which then form patchwork blocks when stitched or pieced together. By using the accurate Sizzix dies you can get lots of regular sized shapes very quickly. Probably far more quickly and more accurately than if you used traditional rotary cutters and rulers.

Sizzix Applique Dies

With the Sizzix applique dies you can cut out out complex shapes such as flowers, animals or letters and incorporate them in your patchwork designs. You can then either applique using a whipstitch for example or if you have included a fusible in your 'Sizzix sandwich' then yoiu can simply fuse the cut out shape to your project.

For further information and to show the possibilites of the Sizzix fabric cutting system we have created a Sizzix e-brochure that contains information on the Sizzix Big Shot and Bigz dies and how they are used.




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