Quilting Hoops

Our selection of quilting hoops is available on our Online shopping site. 

These quilting hoops are made in Germany of fine polished beechwood.  They are designed for quilting with a 1" depth for strength

12" Square Hoop 8198
14" Square Hoop 8199
16" Square Hoop 8200
12" Round Hoop 8314
14" Round Hoop 8201
16" Round Hoop 8202
18" Round Hoop 8203
12"  x 20" Oval Hoop 8197
8" x 15" Oval Hoop 9486

American Hand-Crafted Hoops

8"  x 15" Oval 555


The Gracehoop2 combines innovation with tradition. It is square because the weave in fabric is square, making it much easier to achieve good, even tension on all sides.

The design of the hoop and stand allows 360 degree rotation vertically and horizontally using an all-wood ball swivel mechanism. A simple turn of a single knob controls both rotational directions and locks the ball swivel securely into place at any angle.

Seven different height positions are possible from 24" to 45". The low-profile base slips easily underneath a chair and side feet provide stability for even the heaviest of quilts.

Available in three hoop sizes. All with stand.

15" Gracehoop2, 9242, 
18" Gracehoop2, 7246, 
24" Gracehoop2, 7245, 


Hinterberg Homestead Hoop

Made from hard-rock maple, this hoop is available in two sizes - 22" and 29". The hoop is easy to adjust in height and tilt. Once set the hoop can be rotated 360 degrees.

The versatile stand allows the hoop to be supported over an easy chair or sofa. A half-hoop adapter for quilting edges is also included in the price.

22" Hoop and Stand 567  
29" Hoop and Stand 560  
Hinterberg Lap Stand with Hoop

This portable 14" hoop enables you to free up your hands for two-handed quilting. Large knobs allow an infinite number of adjustments.

With Stand 7376  

Professional Quilting Stand

Made in Germany from lacquered beechwood with a 360 degree rotation. Height and angle adjustable from 30" to 37". A large stand with a solid oval base for oversize quilts. Heights 75cm - 95cm (30"-37")

Professional Quilting Stand 8204  

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