Sewing Machines and Accessories for Patchwork and Quilting

The Cotton Patch is one of the leading patchwork and quilting companies in the UK and Europe. We have a wealth of experience of patchwork and quilting styles and techniques and are constantly scouring the market place for the latest tools and equipment to make your sewing experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. Whilst it is possible to undertake a quilt entirely by hand, the majority of our customers will be using a sewing machine at some point in their quilt making. Whether it is constructing the pieced blocks or undertaking the final free motion quilting design. The Cotton Patch can help you at every step of the way. We can recommend the best sewing machines for your quilting or supply specialist feet, bobbins, accessories and needles.

If you are thinking of purchasing a new sewing machine then please contact us first to discuss your needs, many sewing machine sellers do not understand the particular needs of patchwork and quilters. You can try out the sewing machines at our dedicated Quilting Studio.

To make an appointment for a demonstration or for further information and to discuss your sewing machine requirements please call Geoff, Liz on 0121 702 2840. Or email

Pfaff Sewing Machines

Sewing Machines For Quilting

Our current range of sewing machines that we supply and recommend for patchwork & quilting can be found on our online store

Sewing Machine Needles

We supply a range of sewing machine needles to fit a wide range of machines and to sew many different types of fabric. Browse our online selection of Schemtz sewing machine needles.

Sewing Machine Accessories

We supply a number of sewing machine accessories such as the Sew Steady Table, lights, cone holders and sewing machine oil. Browse our online store here.

Sewing Machine Feet

The Cotton Patch supplies specialist quilting feet for a number of sewing machines. You may need an adapter to fit your machine, come to the shop and ask for information on the Big Foot and Little Foot quilting feet. For our complete range of sewing machine patchwork and quilting feet see here.

For on article on how the Sew Steady table and Big foot and Little foot can help your machine quilting then visit our Cotton Patch Blog.

The Big Foot is a giant darning foot designed to give more control with free-motion quilting and embroidery. It is  a patented design so you won't find anything quite like it on another machine. 

The Big Foot has several variations and will fit most brands of sewing machine. When you order please state what type of fitting you have (for example, low shank, high shank, Viking, Bernina) plus the make and model of your machine.

If you have a Bernina you will require a long shank adapter. This allows the Low Shank fitting to fit onto the adapter and can also be used for other low shank feet. (Ref: 8036). 


Big Foot Quilting Foot

Little Foot Patchwork Seam Foot

...and if it's not Big , it must be...Little!

The Little Foot is a clear plastic (Lexan ®) foot for sewing accurate 1/4" seams. The right edge is 1/4" from the centre while the left edge is approximately 3/8" from the centre giving you better control as it covers most of the feed dogs. It also has 1/4" notches in front and behind the needle position, designed to help with starting, stopping and pivoting.

Little Foot will fit a wide range of machines with a snap-on foot version for certain machines. When you order your machine please state what type of fitting you have (for example, low shank, high shank, Viking, Bernina) plus the make and model of your machine. We will send the version to fit your machine.


Sewing Machine Repair and Servicing

Arranging a sewing machine or overlocker repair
You can bring your sewing machine into The Cotton Patch shop and our agent will collect it at their next weekly delivery and return it to the shop once it has been repaired. Please contact us on 0121 702 2840 for pricing and more information.


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