Mats, Cutters and Rulers for patchwork and quilting

The Cotton Patch supplies a wide variety of self seal mats, rotary cutters and rulers for patchwork and quilting. If you are unsure how rotary cutting works with patchwork and quilting then please ask for a demonstration. We have offers on Mat, Cutter and Ruler Sets. Our products include those from: Omnigrid, Olfa Rotary Cutters, Omni, Quilters Rule, Clover, Truecut and Olipfa.

Ask our knowledgable staff about which is the best rotary cutter for you and you can see examples of all the different types.

As well as providing one of the best selections of patchwork and quilting rulers in the UK we also have a variety of accessories for rulers. The Double Patchwork Ruler Grip is for if you find holding the ruler difficult then you may find it makes things easier to have a large handle to hold onto. This is a great addition to your tools cupboard.

Invisigrip is a clear, non-slip material that you apply to your rulers to prevent slipping when rotary cutting. It is easy to apply and does not obscure the markings. When you want to apply pressure it prevents rulers from slipping but slides easily when no pressure is applied.

A selection of our mats, cutters and rulers are now available to order online using our Secure Online Ordering system. 

Our online self seal rotary cutting mats, rotary cutters and rulers section is split into the following broad categories, click on the image on the right to navigate direct to these pages.


Combined Rotary Cutter Sets

Omnigrid and Omnigrip starter sets - a cut above the rest with great savings! Combined sets with selected mats, cutters and rulers in each set.

Mats, Cutters and Rulers Combined Sets

Rotary Cutting Mats

Self-healing mats, specifically designed for use with rotary cutters, in a wide selection of sizes

Rotary Cutters

High quality Olfa rotary cutters, knives and blades from Olfa of Japan

Patchwork Rulers

Patchwork rulers and measuring tools including bias squares and lap boards by Omnigrid ©, Quilters Rule and That Patchwork Place

Replacement Rotary Cutter Blades

A large range of spare and replacement blades for rotary cutters, chenille cutters and utility knives

Rotary Cutter Blades

Truecut Rulers and Cutters

TrueCut rulers and rotary cutters feature a track and guide system for safer rotary cutting
Truecut rotary cutters and rulers

Selecting a cutting mat that is specifically designed with rotary cutting in mind is very important. Cheaper quality cutting mats that are not designed for rotary cutting are quickly damaged and will effect the ease and accuracy of your rotary cutting.

Our combined Mat, Cutter and Ruler Sets are a great way of purchasing your equipment. We have a large range of high quality mats, cutters and rulers.

We supply Olfa, Clover, Truecut and Omnigrip Rotary cutters in a variety of sizes as well as spare blades and sharpening tools. 

Please also consider the Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Templates.

Getting Started with Patchwork Rulers.

There are three basic pieces of equipment which we use for rotary cutting fabric. A rotary cutter, this is like a pizza cutter with a rotating, very sharp, metal disc with a cutting edge all the way around. A ruler or template, usually made out of acrylic to guide the rotary cutter along so we get nice straight lines. A rotary cutting mat, these are especially designed to be used with a rotary cutter so that it does not blunt the cutter too fast and so the cutter does not take chunks out of your cutting mat.

We've been stocking Omnigrid Rulers and Mats since we started The Cotton Patch in 1990. The reasons we really like this brand are as follows:

Omnigrid Ruler

Omnigrid rulers come in many different sizes but the ruler we recommend you get for Patchwork and Quilting is the 6” x 24”which is a basic all-purpose ruler, perfect for beginners. It’s great for cutting long strips, borders and bias pieces. 

Using the Omnigrid ruler to straighten up fabric

You can find a longer article on how to use patchwork and quilting rulers on our Cotton Patch Blog.

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