Handi Quilter Long Arm Quilting Machines in UK & Europe

With effect from 6th January 2017, Handi Quilter Long-Arm machines are exclusively available in the UK from Pinhole Quilting Ltd. (www.pinholequilting.co.uk). This does not affect any other products sold by The Cotton Patch Ltd., which will continue as before. Please see further details here www.pinholequilting.co.uk

The Handi Quilter Family includes stand up Longarm machines:

18” Avante
24” Fusion
26” Infinity

All of the Longarm machines can be upgraded to computerised systems with the addition of Pro Stitcher
Handi Quilter Longarm Quilting

There is also the Handi Quilter 16” Sweet Sixteen Sitdown Longarm

Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen

You can find profiles on our Handi Quilter Ambassadors here. To see a map of where our Handi Quilter Owners are located click here.


Handi Quilter Avante 18" Long Arm Sewing Machine and Studio Frame

Handi Quilter HQ Avante 18" Long Arm Sewing Machine

The HQ18 Avanté TM 18" Quilting Machine conforms to all relevant European regulations and offers expanded quilting space, stitch regulation and a Precision-glide track with an 18" throat. Designed by a Quilter, for Quilters, the HQ18 Avanté TM is a high-functioning longarm system designed to provide a professional frame for the home studio.

The HQ18 Avanté TM is supplied with the HQ Studio Frame which is a free-standing high-quality steel quilting frame that can be set up at 4', 6’,8', 10' or 12 foot. It features smooth bearings and hand wheels for easy turning, bungees for sideways tensioning and adjustable legs. The four poles snap-in easily and the sturdy ratchets facilitate correct tensioning of the quilt.

If you are looking for a long arm quilting machine such as a Gammill then the Handi Quilter Avante 18 is a fantastic stylish, feature rich alternative

Handi Quilter HQ Fusion Long Arm Sewing Machine and Fusion Frame

Handi Quilter Fusion 24" Longarm Quilter

The HQ Fusion is at the forefront of both the professional quilter and home studio
quilter. Some projects need more speed and more space than a smaller machine
can deliver. With this in mind, Handi Quilter has continued to add features to the HQ Fusion to provide what these quilters need. With 24 inches of throat space, high quilting speeds and proven stitch regulation, it’s easy to add HQ Pro-Stitcher for maximum quilting efficiency. And finishing more quilts means you’ll share more of your love with friends, family, and customers through beautiful quilting.

Speed: 2,400 stitches per minute
Throat Space: 24 inches
Footprint: 5' x 12'
Stitch Modes: Manual and Regulated (Precision and Cruise)
SPI: 4 to 24 stitches per inch
Lighting: Adjustable LED lights with Warm/Cool/Neutral or UV lights
Control: Touchscreen and handlebar
Tension: Easy-Set Tension™ (Patent Pending)
Table/Frame: HQ 12-foot Fusion Frame®
Options: HQ Pro-Stitcher, HQ Micro Handles, set of three couching Handi Feet, Horizontal Spool
Pin, Groovy Board Stylus and Adapter, 27-inch Super Leader, HQ Ruler Base

Other Features


Handi Quilter HQ Infinity Long Arm Quilting Machine and Gallery Frame

Infinity 26" Handi Quilter

Adaptable, intelligent, creative, and strong. Everything that you are as a quilter. These same words perfectly describe the HQ Infinity 26. Just as you continuously evolve your quilting designs and methods, this is the machine that adapts along with you. From the flexible stitch regulation to the adjustable handlebars, every aspect of the Infinity is designed to work with you and the way you quilt. No other machine is as innovative, powerful, and feature-rich as the HQ Infinity 26. Whether you quilt for yourself or others, you deserve a quilting machine that looks as beautiful in your home as your custom quilts. Welcome to the best way to finish quilts.

Speed: 3,100 stitches per minute
Throat Space: 26 inches
Footprint: 5’ x 12’
Stitch Modes:Manual and Regulated (Precision and Cruise)
SPI: 4 to 24 stitches per inch
Lighting: Total Light System - Adjustable LED lights with Warm/Cool/Neutral and UV lighting
Control: Touchscreen and handlebar
Tension: Easy-Touch Tension™ (Patent Pending)
Table/Frame: HQ 12-foot Gallery Frame™
Options: HQ Pro-Stitcher, Easy-Click Ruler Base™, Groovy Board Stylus and Adapter, Set of three couching Handi Feet,Horizontal Spool Pin

Other Features

Handi Quilter Pro Stitcher

Pro Stitcher Handi Quilter

The HQ Pro-Stitcher quilting system is the most technologically advanced way to quilt. The Pro-Stitcher software is packed with features that enable you to resize, modify, and customize nearly any digital design available – and then quilt it with unparalleled precision. Or combine your own design skills with Art & Stitch
(included) to create one-of-a-kind quilting motifs. Easily operate HQ Pro-Stitcher from a lightweight touch-screen tablet computer that is conveniently mounted on top of the machine. Expand your quilting possibilities with this easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, computerized system and have fun finishing more quilts!

• Resize, Rotate and Repeat designs to fit specific areas
• Skew or Align designs to fit any area with three or more points
• Move designs into position by simply moving your finger across the screen
• Define and Fill an area with a design, using 2-corner (rectangles) or multi-point (any shape)
• Two-Point Rotation for border designs and fitting odd angles
• Precisely reposition designs using the Center Point, Start Point, End Point, any corner of the design area, or any point within the design
• Crop inside or outside of your design to fit your quilt, with the option to close the jumps or leave them open
• Find or create new start/stop point if your thread breaks
• Customizable speed and
• Micro Tie-Off function
• Ability to read most .hqf, .txt and .qli digital quilt patterns
• Exclusive, seamless integration with
Art & Stitch® included for designing and adjusting your own patterns at the machine
• Mark and record multiple points for accurate stitch-in-the-ditch quilting
• On-screen Grid and Ruler to measure designs or area on quilt
• Reorder designs for stitching
• Horizontal and vertical channel lock

Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen 16" Sit Down Long Arm Sewing Machine

No room in your home for a quilting frame? With the HQ Sweet Sixteen you have room enough to quilt even a king -size quilt within a compact workspace. Includes free bobbin winder.

Hanid Quilter Sweet Sixteen Long Arm Sit Down Quilting Machine

If you love to free-motion machine quilt but struggle to fit your project in a small throat space, you’re going to love the HQ Sweet Sixteen®. Sixteen inches of throat space gives you room to quilt even a king-size quilt.

The smooth surface of the included table allows your project to glide under the needle. The powerful motor handles quilting with ease and stitches up to 1500 stitches-per minute. Choose your three favourite top speed settings, on the easy-to-use colour touch screen and let the machine remember them.

The Sweet Sixteen Package Includes:


Handi Quilter Long arm Sewing Machine Groovy Boards, Tools and Accessories

The Cotton Patch has an extensive range of Handi Quilter Tools and Accessories so that you can make the most of your Handi Quilter Sewing Machine. We have a number of Instructional DVD's on specific aspects of using the Handi Quilter Sewing Machines. Groovy Boards and Rulers so that you can create fantastic quilting designs as well as add-ons such as the Pro-Stitcher.